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Author's Background

Matt Browne

Developments in the area of artificial intelligence and human cloning captured Matt Browne's attention during his studies and stay in the United States. While plowing through a degree in computer science, and immersing himself into subjects such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing, it dawned on him that scientific fact was not very far away from fiction. He is convinced that the science community is now on the brink of being able to create androids with sufficient intelligence imitating human behavior. He's also convinced that the pace of progress in biotechnology will further accelerate. His concern, like many others, is what happens if it all goes wrong. Equally important is the question: Is is morally correct to engage in such activities?

After completing his master's degree in computer science and working for several years in industry, Matt Browne finally decided to write down his concerns. The ideas started to take the shape of a book with vital characters emerging to tell his tale. During a period of eight years, Matt completed the first of three manuscripts he intends developing into a trilogy. He chose the thought provoking title The Future Happens Twice. In his first book called The Perennial Project he tells the story of a secret experiment, which eventually turns into the most ambitious space program in human history.