Motivation to write the trilogy

"As a race, we survive on planet Earth
purely by geological consent. -- Bill McGuire


  • Above all, I'm hoping to raise the awareness about Mother Nature's awesome powers and how those powers can alter and upend life as we know it.
  • We need to improve our understanding about those powers and increase our monitoring and defense capabilities.
  • As a computer scientist I want to explore how far technology can go over the course of the next 50 years.

  • The tsunami on December 26, 2004 not only showed a lack of surveillance and proper warning systems, but also a lack of knowledge how to interpret the signs of a retreating ocean.
  • Tsunamis and megatsunamis are not the only known dangers. There are also meteorite impacts, volcanic or supervolcanic eruptions, severe flooding, and earthquakes. For example: Do we all know how to react the moment we feel the tremors of an earthquake? How would we prepare if a supervolcano is predicted to erupt in the next 50 years?
  • Space does matter. Its continuous exploration is important for our future. I strongly support the Lifeboat Foundation's mission for safeguarding humanity (see Link Section for more details).

  • It's only a matter of time until our telescopes will discover smaller terrestrial exoplanets orbiting neighboring stars. What secrets might those planets reveal? What does it mean if we find life on other planets?
  • Further progress in biotechnology and bioengineering calls for a continuous debate about ethical issues.
  • What potential does cryotechnology and cryonics hold for improving our lives?
  • How will we deal with machines that will eventually master human language (at least in part)?
  • Other questions I'd like to address in my books deal with nanotechnology, new propulsion systems of spaceships, and virtual reality environments to maintain the psychological health of spaceships' crews.

What inspired me to write the book?

Everyday I have the fortune of experiencing the immense complexity of humankind, ranging from the love and support that my family gives me to the sheer ugliness of the many natural, political and economic tragedies in the world. These contrasting human and natural activities drove me to question what it really means to be a "human being" in this universe of ours, how we plan to spend our future and what the future holds for us. There are great opportunities as well as dangers that everyone should be aware of. We need a discussion of the ethical issues related to new technologies, especially in genetics and bioengineering, but also in artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. The plot itself grew out of my strong interest in space and my desire to make space-related topics known to a broader audience.