What If ?

Humankind has always challenged the status quo
and will continue to do so in the future

Embark on an adventurous journey
beginning in the year 1400 and ending in the year 2100...

1400 - 1500

What if we continued sailing westward from Europe? Would we reach India sooner?

1500 - 1600

What if the Earth revolves around the Sun? Would that explain the movements of the other planets better?

1600 - 1700

What if for the same reason the apple falls to the ground and the Earth revolves around the Sun?

1700 - 1800

What if we heated water and used the steam to power machines?

1800 - 1850

What if we harnessed the same power that creates lightning to build an electric battery?

1850 - 1875

What if we built a space cannon and let it fly from the Earth to the Moon?

1875 - 1900

What if we created rays of light that could shine through the human body revealing its interior?

1900 - 1910

What if time passes more slowly for passengers traveling in a fast-moving spaceship?

1910 - 1920

What if continents move around the surface of the Earth? Could it be the reason for earthquakes?

1920 - 1930

What if God plays dice and the building blocks of nature behave in an uncertain way?

1930 - 1940

What if heavy hydrogen nuclei could be forced to react with each other and fused into helium?

1940 - 1950

What if we used binary arithmetic to create machines that carry out mathematical calculations?

1950 - 1960

What if a computer program became intelligent enough to pass a test in which it cannot be distinguished from a human being? What if a program were able to beat the best chess player in the world?

1960 - 1970

What if the universe once began as an infinitesimal point and has been expanding ever since?

1970 - 1980

What if a commercial airplane could transport passengers from London to New York in less than 4 hours?

1980 - 1985

What if every household could afford its own personal computer?

1985 - 1990

What if we discovered extrasolar planets orbiting other star systems?

1990 - 1995

What if the Internet allowed people to retrieve information with a few simple mouse clicks?

1995 - 2000

What if we decoded and understood the entire human genome? Would we be able to cure almost all diseases?

2000 - 2005

What if nanorobots were introduced into the human body to repair damaged tissue and destroy harmful viruses?

2005 - 2010

What if petascale computing systems were developed, capable of performing quadrillions of calculations per second?

2010 - 2015

What if we found new ways and encountered new opportunities to send humans to Mars?

2015 - 2020

What if we built androids that behave almost like human beings?

2020 - 2025

What if we took high resolution pictures of terrestrial planets orbiting other stars? Will some of them resemble Earth?

2025 - 2030

What if we did accomplish nuclear fusion in a power plant on Earth?

2025 - 2030

What if we constructed an artificial womb that nurtures human embryos into healthy babies?

2030 - 2035

What if we developed smart materials that would last thousands of years under the harsh conditions of outer space?

2035 - 2040

What if we could equip spaceships with new propulsion systems allowing for reliable long-distance space travel?

2040 - 2045

What if virtual reality technology could be used for long-distance space travel helping human space crews maintain their psychological health?

2045 - 2050

What if a technological singularity came into existence, a smarter-than-human entity which would rapidly accelerate technological progress beyond the capability of human beings?

2050 - 2055

What if an extinction level event on Earth became imminent? How would we prepare for it?

2055 - 2060

What if it were possible to send frozen human embryos on an interstellar space expedition?

2060 - 2065

What if we built a space elevator that drastically reduces costs of lifting off materials from Earth?

2065 - 2070

What if the practice of cryopreserving humans could overcome the obstacles of tissue damage?

2070 - 2075

What if helium-3 mining became widespread in the solar system?

2075 - 2080

What if there were smarter and simpler planet engineering technologies for terraforming other planets?

2080 - 2085

What if we stored the genomes of all living species in digital seed banks and find ways to bring them to life in the distant future?

2085 - 2090

What if the SETI project at last recorded a message from an intelligent extraterrestrial species?

2090 - 2095

What if there were a complete merger between human technology and human intelligence, could we decorate walls using our thoughts?

2095 - 2100

What if we could slow down the aging process, halt it entirely, or even reverse it?

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