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Motivation to write the book

Nature's Powers

  • As a computer scientist I want to explore how far technology can go over the course of the 50 years
  • But above all, I hope to raise the awareness about Mother Nature's awesome powers and what this means to all of us
  • Many people don't realize it: We need to improve our understanding and increase our surveillance and defense capabilities
  • The tsunami on 26 December 2004 not only showed the lack of a surveillance and warning system, but also the lack of knowledge how to interpret the signs of a retreating ocean
  • Other dangers include: Meteorite impacts, volcanic eruptions, severe flooding, and earthquakes. For example, do we all know how to react the moment we feel the tremors of an earthquake?
  • Space matters and I strongly support the Lifeboat Foundation's mission for safeguarding humanity
  • It's only a matter of time until our telescopes will discover smaller terrestrial exoplanets orbiting neighboring stars. What secrets might they reveal?
  • Further progress in biotechnology and bioengineering calls for a continuos debate about ethical issues
  • What potential does cryotechnology and cryonics hold for improving our lives?
  • How will we deal with machines that will eventually master human language (at least in part)?
  • Other questions I'd like to address deal with nanotechnology, propulsion systems of spaceships, and virtual reality systems to maintain the psychological health of spaceships' crews
  • More to come...